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Why walk when you can dance...

Dancing is Here & Now

Dancing imbibes a sense of well-being quite unlike any other exercise. It is good for your heart and makes you fit, helping you burn calories. Above all, you feel light hearted and happy for no reason!

Dance for Fitness

Dancing is a great activity to pursue at almost any age as it promotes balance and coordination.

Dance for Cardio

As a workout Dance is peerless and incomparable to any other aerobic exercise.

Dance for No Reason

No other activity of humans brings so much expression, connecting to the rhythm of Nature.

Dance to Express not to Impress!

The beauty of dance is that we can express so much without uttering a single word or relying on having stationery or a laptop to hand.

Enjoy each step along the Way

We dance for physical fitness. We dance for mental clarity. We dance for emotional stability, and other such pluses.

Journey...not destination!

With the right teachers, it’s fun and easy to do. Literally the hardest part is taking that first step… to pick up the phone, to schedule a lesson, to walk inside a dance studio.

Dance is not a competition...

It is Merging with Existence

Dancing synchronizes the whole body, mind, and soul. Therefore, it is a workout that promotes balance, coordination, and an inexplicable deep bliss!









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